Export and Email Specific Range in Google Sheets in CSV,PDF or XLSX

Script for Exporting a specific Range from spreadsheet and save it in drive or email it in attachment in CSV, PDF or XLSX .
If you want to export just specific sheets in the spreadsheet just check this Tutorial .

How to use it :

In Spreadsheet Menu Click Tools and select Script Editor from spinner to go put your script, in Excel "Visual Basic" on developer mode.

1- Open Google Apps Script file or create new one : File > New > Script File and name it with whatever you want .

2- Past the script in the bottom of Article and Save the Script .

  • What necessary to change :
Line 5 : Range you want to export it.

Line 6: Sheet who has that range .

LINE 59 : Email Receiver, if you want to email a multiple emails just make comma between each email address e.g : 'pace3man@gmail.com ,spider-max@live.fr,......'  .

LINE 60 : replace Title word with whatever.

LINE 61 : The body of Email.

LINE 64 : The Attachment file name.

  • Finally
1-  After saving select the function name.

2- Button to run that script.

3- Run script !

The Script :


  1. How to just make a button that downloads the sheet as pdf to your computer?

    1. On workbook menu File > Download as > PDF

  2. This is very cool and helpful . Is there a way to make it email automatically every Monday at 14:00?

  3. What a great script!

    I wonder if I can also specify more than one range in your script?

  4. hey! I have an issue, I am saying pdf of the file but in one page there are a lot of pages as in 4 copies of 1 invoice but the issue the when it saves the pdf it divides the invoice and make it on next page. in print there is also issue then. Please help.

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